SportsKitchen is close to acquisition of cash strapped Spanish gaming studio


LONDON, United Kingdom (March 04, 2020) – Today, SportsKitchen Entertainment Group (SK), a global digital and creative sports entertainment marketing firm announced a possible acquisition of a major gaming studio in Spain.  The deal will bring in-house sports themed mobile game design and development to the sports entertainment company.

“I am familiar with the gaming studio’s development teams and its products’ progress since its inception,” said Mark Lugo, CEO at SportsKitchen Entertainment Group. “I have been in contact with the studio’s CEO during the past month and we are close to reaching a final agreement to take at least an 80% equity stake in the company within 45 to 60 days. The studio staff will stay in place and the current projects under development, as well as the completed projects, will continue as planned.”

A major part of SportsKitchen’s business model is partnering with professional sport teams on digital mobile game ventures. The European game studio will serve as the development team of all SportsKitchen branded mobile games upon acquisition.

About SportsKitchen Entertainment Group

SportsKitchen was founded in 2017 in the United Kingdom and expanded to Barcelona. The boutique sports marketing firm is dedicated to branded mobile gaming and licensing partnerships, sports feature film production, sports documentaries and other content development for global digital distribution on VYRE Network. The company’s principals are dedicated advocates of youth sports and advancing the protection of child exploitation for footballing and philanthropy at FairPlay4Kids.

Sports Kitchen Entertainment Group LTD is a sports digital media company.  A private limited company registered at the Companies House (UK) with number 11759053.

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